Swift Taxi Trucks and Couriers have extensive knowledge and experience in the taxi truck area, and understand the attention to detail every job requires. We offer a full range of taxi truck vehicles at competitive rates. Our fleet range in capacity from 2 tonne to 14 tonne vehicles. Vehicle types include Trays, Taut Liners as well as Crane trucks, Semi-trailers and Hydraulic Tail Gates.

Taxi trucks Melbourne
Taxi Trucks from 2 to 14 tonne are available for on demand (VIP), standard and same day deliveriesthroughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. Bookings are available over the phone or in real time through our online booking system.

On Demand (VIP)

Door-to-door direct delivery to entire metropolitan Melbourne area

Standard & Same Day

Our standard & same day services turnaround times are up to 2 hours less than our competitors for our Melbourne metropolitan deliveries

Larger Taxi Trucks Service

Larger vehicles, such as semi-trailers, crane trucks and hydraulic tail gates can be arranged within 24 hours

Country Victoria, Interstate Services

Can be arranged within 24 hours for all taxi truck vehicles