Swift Taxi Trucks and Couriers has a range of courier vehicles available.

Courier Fleet Melbourne

Standard Courier Vehicle

Description: Any box, envelope or bag that could fit on a front seat of a vehicle and can be carried in hand by the driver
Size: Up to 0.5 metre
Weight: Up to 30kg

1/2 Tonne Tray / Van

Description: Includes pallets, larger boxes, mats, rolls of fabric
Size: Up to 1.2 metres
Weight: Up to 500kg

1 Tonne Tray / Van

Description: Either 2 pallets or any cargo that takes up 2 pallet spaces. For example, container ramps or drums
Size: Up to 2.4 metres
Weight: Up to 1000kg

Roof Rack Vehicle

Description: This can be a very economical way of transporting long but light goods without having to hire out a large truck. For example, pipes
Size: Up to 6 metres
Weight: Up to 80kg

If your requirements exceed these dimensions or weight, check out the Taxi Trucks page for details on 2 Tonne Loads up to Semi & Crane Trucks.

If you are unsure of what sized vehicle your require for your job, please contact the Swift team we would only be too happy to assist.